Territorial Cup Series could come down to the wire

With the Arizona Athletics calendar year soon coming to an end, the Territorial Cup Series could come down to the wire for the Wildcats. 

It has been an interesting year for Arizona Athletics. Having to get acclimated to the Covid era of sports, the Wildcats had to take part in the highly competitive Territorial Cup Series this year against that team up North with limited to no fans at most games.

Luckily, the Wildcats have still found some success and stand within a few wins of taking home the trophy yet again, so here is a recap of what has happened in the head-to-head competition so far, and what still lies ahead!

Arizona Football – 0 points

  • ASU wins 70-7: Of course, no one wants to remember this game, but, it still happened and the drubbing the Wildcats took back in December delivered a point to ASU in the Territorial Cup Series.

Men’s Basketball – 1 point

  • Arizona Basketball wins both games 80-67 (Tucson, AZ) and 84-82 (Tempe, AZ): It was a thrilling series in what will be the last showdown between Sean Miller and Bobby Hurley. The Wildcats dominated the Devils in Tucson and escaped Tempe with a win thanks in large part to Azoulas Tubelis delivering the buzz-beater win and a point in the Territorial Cup Series.

Women’s Basketball – 1/2 point

  • Arizona Women’s Basketball splits the series with a dominant 65-37 win in Tucson, but lose a 66-64 upset in Tempe: Despite the Wildcats’ success in the NCAA Tournament, unfortunately, Arizona was unable to pull off the sweep, splitting the series and only picking up a half-point.

Gymnastics – 0 points

  • Arizona Gymnastics gets swept by 197.450-194.750 and196.100-196.075 finals: It wasn’t the Gym Cats’ year as the Wildcats were swept in Tucson and Tempe. Arizona came close to winning in Tempe but lost by .025 points, as ASU picked up a point in the series here.

Men’s & Women’s Swimming and Diving – 2 points

  • Arizona Swimming and Diving pick up two points with wins at the Pac-12 Championship: Perhaps picking up these points by default, Arizona won both in the Men’s and Women’s events as the Sun Devils failed to qualify and finish, giving two points to the Cats in the Territorial Cup Series.

Men’s & Women’s Indoor Track and Field – 0 points

  • Arizona Men’s and Women’s Track loses both matches at the Indoor Pac-12 Championships: ASU finishes in 5th in the Women’s Indoor competition, while Arizona finishes in 7th, and the Men’s team finishes in 4th, while ASU finishes in 3rd. As a result, the Wildcats don’t earn any points, and the Devils adversely pick up two crucial points in the Territorial Cup Series.

Volleyball – 1/2 point

  • Arizona Volleyball splits the series with a 3-0 win in Tucson and a 3-2 loss in Tempe: Arizona picks up just as a half-point in the head-to-head Volleyball matchup as the Wildcats are unable to successfully sweep the Devils.

Men’s & Women’s Cross Country – 2 points

  • Arizona Cross Country escapes both meets with wins over ASU at the Pac-12 Championship: Arizona won both meets by finishing one spot ahead of ASU (8,9 and 8,9) at the Pac-12 Championship in Tacoma, WA to pick up two points in the Territorial Cup Series.

Baseball – 1 point

  • Arizona wins three of four to pick up series win: Winning two of three games in Tempe by 10-5 and 7-6 finals, Arizona also won in Tucson with a dominating 14-2 win to pick up the point in the Territorial Cup Series.

Soccer – 1 point

  • Arizona wins 1-0 in Tucson and 2-0 in Tempe: Now winners of six-straight games against the Devils, Arizona picked up a point against ASU in the Territorial Cup Series as they came away with the season series sweep with the 2-0 win last night in Tempe.

Beach Volleyball – 1/2 point

  • Arizona Beach Volleyball picks up the first win in the series 4-1: Already, Arizona dominated the start of this series by winning the first game in Tucson 4-1, however, they still have one game left in Tempe to pick up the season series sweep.

Arizona Men & Women’s Tennis – 1 point

  • Arizona Men and Women’s Tennis split the head-to-head series to pick up one point: Men’s Tennis dominated the Devils on the road, winning 4-0, while the Women’s Tennis team were swept 4-0 at home. As a result, the Wildcats only picked up one point in the Territorial Cup Series.

Head-to-head matchups left in the 2020-21 Territorial Cup Series

Arizona Beach Volleyball (0.5 points):

  • Arizona won the first matchup in a dominating 4-1 fashion and will return to action on April 21 at the Pera Club in Tempe.

Arizona Softball (1 point): 

  • After losing 4-3 on Friday evening, Arizona will have a double-header on Saturday and will cap off the season series on Sunday in Tempe.

Men’s & Women’s Golf (2 points): 

  • Women’s Golf will face off at the Pac-12 Championship April 23-25.
  • Men’s Golf will face off at the Pac-12 Championship April 26-28.

Men’s & Women’s Outdoor Track and Field (2 points): 

  • Both squads will face off at the Pac-12 Championship May 14-16.

Here is the current score for those curious!

Arizona Wildcats
Arizona State Sun Devils