Head Coach Jedd Fisch is ‘the glue’ for Arizona Athletics

As head coach Jedd Fisch continues to get acclimated to being in Tucson, the new Arizona Football coach is becoming ‘the glue’ for Arizona Athletics.

When Jedd Fisch was hired to become the new head coach of Arizona Football, we all knew the challenge ahead was going to be a great one for the first-year head coach as he tries to pull the Wildcats out from the depths of college football ineptitude.

However, as he has come to Tucson, Fisch has had a rather fortuitous couple of months. From assembling a top-flight staff to bringing back several key players from last year, as well as recruiting the transfer portal and hitting the recruiting trails hard, he has led one of the most successful off-seasons for Arizona Football in recent memory.

He is taking all the right steps in trying to get Arizona back to not only a competitive level but even a respectable level. However, next is where the rubber essentially meets the road, and whether the Wildcats can produce on-field results to match the off-field success.

Meanwhile, Jedd Fisch has seemingly changed the culture overnight, positively impacting Arizona Athletics in a major way, and in the process has become ‘the glue’ for the department.

Tucson is a unique place. It is a college town that largely revolves around the University does, and much of what happens in the community is driven by what happens with Arizona Athletics. When the Wildcats do well, it brings togetherness and Fisch seems to grasp that.

And since coming here, he has helped revitalize the image of Arizona Football, all the while making the program more accessible and visible to not only the school but to the public as well.

He brings a sense of togetherness, and whether it is being involved in social media more, making appearances at Women’s College Basketball games, or throwing out first pitches at the Arizona Baseball games, Fisch is very involved with the University of Arizona.

His approach is refreshing to see, and it seems he has become ‘the glue’ for Arizona Athletics, holding and uniting Athletic Department.