Arizona Football unveils the new weight room upgrades

Making preparations for the 2021 season, the Arizona Football team unveiled some new and much-needed upgrades to the weight room. 

If you want to stay relevant in College Football it takes money and a lot of capital just to keep up with the Joneses, much of which leaves Arizona Football at a bit of a disadvantage compared to other schools like Oregon, Alabama, Texas, etc. that have massive budgets and revenue.

Nonetheless, Arizona always seems to make do and do their best to stay relevant in the proverbial facility arms race.

However, as we should all be aware, it has been nearly 10 years since the Lowell-Stevens Facility debuted back in 2013, and already it is time for upgrades and updates to the facility.

After all, College Football is an ever-changing game, and the facility that has been a huge upgrade is now considered to be a bit meek compared to a few FBS teams.

Naturally, Arizona Football is addressing those concerns and is doing its best to stay competitive by adding some much-needed upgrades to the facility.

With any program, the key to success starts in the weight room, see the bullying the Wildcats endured these past couple of years. So it makes sense why Arizona Football would start in the weight room to provide those much-needed updates and upgrades.

Well, finally showcasing those changes, Arizona Football released those upgrades via social media, which should not only give newly hired Strength & Conditioning Coach Tyler Owens some tools to work with, but to the athletes as well.

Here’s what the Wildcats are getting with the weight room updates/upgrades:

  • New branding and imaging, that showcases the Wildcats’ new mantra under head coach Jedd Fisch “It’s Personal.”
  • Turf inside the weight room was installed to accommodate the student-athletes for different exercises and workouts.
  • Newer machines and equipment hopefully equating to better performance and results.
  • Digital touch screens added allowing for student-athletes to track their workouts more easily.