Arizona Football fans watching as ASU Football is investigated by the NCAA

Arizona Football fans looking for some more good news this off-season can find solace in seeing rival ASU Football being investigated by the NCAA.

It was a busy day for Arizona Football as the Wildcats received some big commitments, but fans looking for more good news are finding solace in ASU Football being investigated.

In case you missed it, news broke yesterday, when Yahoo Sports’ Pete Thamel reported that the Arizona State Sun Devils football program is being investigated by the NCAA, after possibly committing several recruiting infractions and broke protocol by hosting recruits on visits during the COVID recruiting dead period.

Just days before that, Sports Opinionist and Commentator George Wrighster III posted an ominous tweet that perhaps alluded to some big football news happening.

Wrighster went on to say that the initial story wasn’t about the original ominous tweet and that what the Sun Devils could be facing is far worse than initially reported.

Beleaguered Arizona Football fans now get to watch the tables turn on their rival.

At this point, no one knows what exactly happened at ASU, and we can only assume the worst based on what is being reported. However, the focus and attention now being on ASU can only make Arizona fans happy.

Yahoo’s Pete Thamel seems to suggest that there are numerous emails, screenshots, receipts, and pictures related to the potential violations. So, if all that is being reported is indeed true, this is far worse than what the Arizona Basketball program was accused of, and this could potentially set the Sun Devils back quite a bit in football.

Hard to imagine a program cheating so much to ultimately achieve so little, I guess that’s why ‘You pay to win the game!”

Nothing would make Arizona Football fans happier than to see Herm Edwards and the ASU football program swept away in a sea of scandal and shame.