Arizona Football success will be contingent on the offense

With fall camp just around the corner for Arizona Football, success for the Wildcats will be contingent on the overall play of the offense. 

We are nearing the start of the 2021 Arizona Football season, and with fall camp starting next week for the Wildcats, there will be a lot of questions about this team over the coming weeks, starting with the offense.

Already it has been a rather busy but productive past couple of months for Arizona as the Wildcats brought in head coach Jedd Fisch, turned over the entire coaching staff, and retooled the roster.

While things have certainly looked positive over the past few months, however, what matters above all else is how this team will look when they finally take to the field.

Well, coming into the season, expectations are low. The Wildcats are riding a 12-game losing streak that dates back to the 2019 season, and as a result, the team has been predicted to finish in last place in the Pac-12 South by most major publications.

In 2021, Arizona Football could surprise some people and surpass expectations, however, their success will be contingent on the offense.

Over the past few years, Arizona has had one of the better offenses in college football, while the defense has been doing its best to keep up. Well coming into 2021, it is quite possible the tables could turn here.

Now, this isn’t to say that Arizona will have an elite defense suddenly, but coming into the year, it should at least be a point of strength, and it will be a group that likely be vastly improved from not only the past year but the last decade. However, the biggest mystery still surrounding the Wildcats is the offense.

Head coach Jedd Fisch was brought in, in part because of his ability to coach and develop quarterbacks, and it is fitting as he and the Wildcats will have to quickly settle the quarterback position in the fall.

As options, Arizona has the veteran Jordan McCloud, a dual-threat QB that was brought in as a transfer from USF. Gunner Cruz, the young transfer from Washington State who has potential, albeit seeing limited in-game action, and Will Plummer, a standout QB from Gilbert that showed promise, but mostly struggled in a year in which the Wildcats finished 0-5.

So for starters, part of Arizona’s success will be dependent on the play of their quarterbacks, and whether their options will be good enough to make this a competitive group.

Outside of that, there are still some questions surrounding the offensive line as well. Normally a position of strength for Arizona, this was a group that struggled mightily last season, and the hope is things will be significantly better.

Luckily for us, Josh McCauley returns, as does Donovan Laie and Paiton Fears. So if this group provides enough time for the quarterbacks, this is a group that could produce at a decent level and make them competitive enough to show significant improvement this season.