Arizona Football gets reality check in 38-14 loss to SDSU

TUCSON, AZ – Kicking off their first home game for 2021, Arizona Football (0-2) was dealt a huge reality check in their 38-14 loss to SDSU.

In their long anticipated home opener that featured fans for the first time since 2019, 39,000+ strong showed up for Arizona Football, hoping to see some of that same confidence the Cats showed against BYU the week prior.

At kickoff, the Zona Zoo was rocking and fans were even hopeful. However, seven minutes and 53 seconds of game time is all it took for that hopefulness to quickly dissipate as Arizona fell behind 21-0.

From the start, the Wildcats looked flat and clearly overmatched, as Arizona was outcoached, outclassed, and outschemed in all three phases of the game.

Whether it was dominating both the lines of scrimmage, or creating plays on special teams, the Aztecs imposed their will from the start and never looked back.

Taking a 21-7 lead in the first quarter, and then later extending their lead 35-7 in the first half, this game was truly indicative of the current state of the program.

As Arizona Football suffered a 38-14 loss, everyone is reminded just how far this team is away from being competitive

Coming into the season I was optimistic about the trajectory of this program. Heck, even the competitive showing against BYU was encouraging as well, albeit in hindsight it was fools gold of sorts.

However, if Saturday showed anything, it is that this team severely lacks in talent and size, and no amount of scheming and off-season “selling” was going to change that unfortunate reality.

There is still plenty to be encouraged about, but patience (A LOT OF IT) is needed, and as successful as the off-season the Wildcats have had, eight months of “good feelings” wasn’t going to erase years of ineptitude in coaching, recruiting, and development.

As Saturday showed in Arizona’s 38-14 loss to SDSU in which the Wildcats were outgained 454-228, this program has a long way to go to being competitive, and it is going to be a journey.