Cats in the Pros: Aaron Gordon signs extension with Denver

Entering his eighth season in the NBA, former Wildcat Aaron Gordon continues to find success as he has signed an extension with the Denver Nuggets. 

It has been a busy off-season for several of our former Wildcats, and with the NBA season just around the corner, Aaron Gordon has solidified his future in Denver.

Making news on Tuesday afternoon, Aaron officially signed a contract extension with the Denver Nuggets that will be for four years for $92 million.

For those that may have missed it, or didn’t pay attention last season, Aaron found himself a new home after spending the previous seven seasons in Orlando.

In the middle of the season, Aaron was traded to the Denver Nuggets, and showed up towards the end of the season, finding himself immersed in the Nuggets’ playoff run. Aaron even found himself playing in and starting all 25 games spent with the Nuggets.

Finishing his season averaging 10.2 points and 4.7 rebounds per game with the Nuggets, Gordon not only saw himself having a smaller role but he was also playing competitive and meaningful basketball.

Heading into 2021-22, former Arizona Basketball star Aaron Gordon has a chance to having an even bigger impact.

Now 25, Aaron is barely in his prime. And while Aaron is still going to be the fourth or fifth scoring option on a deep Nuggets team, he is continuing to show his value in this league for being a solid starter and scorer with a high defensive impact.

Coming into 2021-22, the Nuggets should still be a title contender, despite playing in a deep and competitive Western Conference, and Gordon is going to play a crucial role in this teams’ success. His addition gives them more size and spacing, and he helps shore up that team defensively.

In Denver, Aaron is only going to continue to get better and his value continues to be shown!