Keys for success for Will Plummer and Arizona Football

With Will Plummer named the starter at quarterback for Arizona Football, we highlight the keys to his success against NAU and beyond!

The Gunner Cruz era of Arizona Football is all but defunct at this point as Will Plummer assumes the starter role this week. However, the challenge will be on for the Wildcats’ signal-caller.

Last week was a rough week for Arizona Football as the Wildcats produced little offense and were throttled at home against the San Diego State Aztecs.

So far in two games, the offense has sputtered, scoring just 30 points combined. Lacking originality, creativity, and more importantly execution, Arizona quickly needs answers, which is in part why head coach Jedd Fisch decided to change things up by naming Plummer the new starter.

Coming into week three, Arizona has a great opportunity to get things back on track and build confidence against a floundering NAU team, however, it will be hard to take away too much, especially in a game where the Wildcats are expected to win handily.

Against NAU, Arizona Football and Will Plummer will have a great opportunity to build confidence, and these are the keys to their success to do it.

This is what’s needed from Plummer and Arizona at quarterback for them to see improved play…

Don’t Hold the Ball too Long

So far, the Wildcats have had a problem in holding the ball for a second or two too long at quarterback. That can affect rhythm and timing and gives the defense more time to break through and pressure the quarterback.

Moving forward, Arizona needs to do a better job in getting the football out quicker, which would in turn help with some of the deficiencies we see along the offensive line.

Get Through the Reads Quickly

Tying into the last point, the quarterbacks need to also speed up their reads. Whether that is checking things off at the line of scrimmage, or seeing and recognizing the coverage early on, the quarterbacks need to be quicker about getting through their reads and releasing the football.

The longer it takes in releasing the football, it allows the defense to collapse and pressure the quarterback or the receivers have to adjust their routes to get open.

Find the Pocket or Make the Throw on the Run

Coinciding with the play of the offensive line that has been rather weak to start the year, Plummer is going to have to find a way to step back into the pocket or at least do a better job in using his legs to extend plays and make throws on the run.

To help offset the weaknesses along the offensive line, if Arizona can do these things more efficiently, they are going to help cover up those deficiencies.

Find a Rhythm, Build that Confidence

The offense is typically predicated on rhythm and timing, and in two games it just hasn’t been there. Arizona is going to need to do a better job in getting in sync early and building off their confidence. Against NAU, this should come a bit easier, but use this game to springboard into the next one and so on.