Was former Arizona Football star Antonio Pierce a mole on ASU’s Staff?

With Arizona Football rival ASU embroiled in recruiting controversy, we ponder if former Wildcat Antonio Pierce acted as a mole.

It has been a rough year following Arizona Football, and as fans continue to look for their silver linings this year, at least we can all find solace in seeing rival ASU embroiled in recruiting controversy, with former Wildcat Antonio Pierce at the forefront of that.

For those that have not been following this investigation as intently as ourselves, the Sun Devils were first linked to potential recruiting violations back in June of 2021, all stemming from illegal recruiting trips and visits that took place during the previous recruiting cycle.

And as Wildcat fans who are certainly no strangers to controversy or investigations, we will gladly take anything that gets our minds off of the ongoing drama involving Arizona Basketball, and more importantly Arizona Football.

Now, where most of us Arizona fans wouldn’t normally care or give a rat’s ‘you know what’ about what happens with those guys up North, however, this investigation brings plenty of intrigue.

For starters, what happened was pretty damning. The optics overall are a bad look for ASU, as the program broke Covid protocol and illegally hosted recruits during a dead period when no in-person visits were supposed to be happening.

Even worse is that those visits may have also been paid for illegally, with former Wildcat Pierce possibly being the mastermind behind it all.

So with the involvement of Antonio Pierce, it has Arizona Football fans invested in this investigation and begs the question if he is secretly a mole.

The investigation into ASU Football is heating up, and naturally, that has many Arizona fans becoming increasingly curious as to what Pierce’s role was in all of this.

Perhaps it is crazy to think but I cannot help but wonder if maybe Pierce was acting secretly as a mole for Arizona, with the sole intent and purpose to bring down the Devils from the inside.

Sure, it is most likely a stretch but it is fun to think about and would be the most amazing rivalry story perhaps ever.

Either way, the latest social media drama involving Pierce taking off ASU from his Twitter bio brings a lot more depth and intrigue to this ongoing drama.