Hallelujah! Arizona Basketball to don new uniforms in 2022-23


Finally, Arizona Basketball will no longer be the worst outfitted team in the Pac-12 as the Wildcats will don new uniforms for the 2022-23 season. 

Sayonara, gradients! After six long seasons of the Wildcats wearing the god-awful purplish-tinted/striped uniforms, Arizona Basketball will finally don new uniforms beginning for the 2022-23 season.

Making news on Monday afternoon, the Arizona Basketball social media page announced that the gradients are gone, and I don’t think many fans will shed a tear over this.


Uniforms are typically rotated out after 3-4 seasons; however, Arizona has been wearing the gradient jerseys since the 2016-17 season, and much like the previous Arizona Football jerseys, the gradients were not a look that was well-liked among fans.

And with Arizona Basketball donning new uniforms in 2022-23, hopefully, the Wildcats will go with more of a traditional/throwback look.

At this point, not much is currently known about what the uniforms will look like next year; however, at least we can find solace in the fact that the gradients are gone, and a new era of Arizona Basketball can finally begin.

Over the years, Arizona has lived through some pretty bad uniforms/looks. From the days of the thin stripe with the awkward duct tape-looking sleeves to the Hyper Elite Platinum alternates, and most recently the gradients, at least the uniforms can’t get worse… or so I hope!

At least for a short period during the Sean Miller era, there was a semblance of the Wildcats having clean and iconic uniforms much like the days of old. However, the Wildcats have since gone wayward, perhaps at the mercy of a Nike designer that was way too obsessed with the 80s.

Hopefully, Arizona Basketball takes a page from the football program here, and goes a little retro with these new uniforms, after all, why fix what was already perfect?

Either way, we are highly encouraged by the news and are anxiously waiting to see what they will look like. For now, we will have to be patient and hope they get leaked sometime before the Red and Blue game!