Azuolas Tubelis teams up with Damian Lillard and Formula Zero

Arizona Basketball standout Azuolas Tubelis has teamed up with NBA Superstar Damian Lillard and Formula Zero for a unique basketball opportunity. 

People within the basketball community that are obsessive and possess a relentless passion to do things differently are the ones that get noticed and for Arizona Basketball star Azuolas Tubelis that is certainly the case this off-season.

After a solid sophomore campaign with the Wildcats in 2021-22, the Lithuanian native is now poised for a big off-season as he has teamed up with NBA superstar Damian Lillard and Formula Zero.

For those curious as to what Formula Zero is, it is a unique basketball community, and this is what the company had to say on its official website:

“Formula Zero is a community of elite basketball players led by Damian Lillard and Phil Beckner. This community is not for everyone. It exists only for those that have an obsessive and relentless passion to do things differently. This Formula is not fake or superficial. It impacts real change and has molded one of the best players on the planet. We care about you and want to tell you the truths that will help you succeed. If you are fortunate enough to be invited just know; we want nothing from you, but everything for you.”

An opportunity given to just a select few, Arizona Basketball star Azuolas Tubelis will have the unique experience to learn and compete against some of the best.

Formula Zero is a unique basketball community that features some of the best and most elite basketball players in the world at the high school and college levels, and luckily for us, Tubelis will be in attendance.

Reserved to just a few select players, the camp will last from August 3-7 in Portland, and those in attendance will get to work exclusively with Lillard.

For Tubelis, this is a great opportunity as he is poised for a potentially big junior campaign. Despite dealing with some injuries last season, Azuolas returns as one of the Wildcats’ main contributors.

We are excited about the upcoming season and are hopeful that Tubelis can take that next step as a basketball player.

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