Streaming Options are horrible for the Pac-12 & Arizona Athletics

With the Pac-12 Conference and Arizona Athletics still musing their media options, it is clear that the worst option is turning to streaming. 

It has been months since USC and UCLA shocked the world by announcing that they will be leaving the Pac-12 for the Big 10. And as a result, that has left the remaining member schools and Arizona Athletics somewhat scrambling, especially as the conference’s previous media deal is soon expiring.

So naturally, with the conference losing its two flagship programs, there is going to be a significant financial hit, and the conference has been trying to get a fair market valuation.

The early indications of the conference’s valuation thus have reportedly not been good… shocker!

So what options are the Pac-12 and in particular Arizona Athletics currently looking at?

Well, if you have been paying attention to rumblings on social media, the belief is that the Pac-12 wants to stay together. But without UCLA and USC, there isn’t much interest from ESPN, CBS, etc., or the major media outlets in signing the Pac-12 to a lucrative deal without the Los Angeles market.

So what about adding additional member schools? Well, perhaps that is feasible, and right now, the biggest names being thrown around are San Diego State and SMU.

Unfortunately, with SMU and SDSU potentially added, that still would not add much market value to the conference, and it only is begging Washington and Oregon to eventually leave for bigger payouts (see UCLA and USC).

So the latest rumor surrounding the Pac-12 is that the conference is now looking at various streaming services (i.e. – Amazon & Apple TV) for a new media deal and extended market exposure. But in one word, that would be a disaster!

While all other Power Five conferences getting prime slots on major networks, you’re telling me our best option is playing second fiddle by being relegated to streaming-only services? Barf!

If this is what Pac-12 eventually opts for, then they deserve what they get, and my hope is Arizona Athletics wises up and takes care of its own before going down with a sinking ship!

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