3 Arizona Basketball players who probably won't be back next season

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Love still has one more year of eligibility after spending three seasons at North Carolina and one in Arizona, but it doesn't seem likely that he'll use it. The way last season ended may have left a sour taste in his mouth, and it remains to be seen where the final Pac-12 Player of the Year will be playing next season.

His NBA draft stock is questionable: he's a former five-star recruit who has played for four years and is relatively old compared to other top NBA draft prospects. He was graded as a potential second-round pick back when he was at UNC, but he's generally viewed as a wild-card prospect with boom-or-bust potential. Even if he doesn't catch on in the NBA, there are always professional opportunities overseas or in the NBA G-League.

He could always return to Arizona, which isn't the worst idea financially and in terms of playing time. However, he could also hit the transfer portal, find a new collegiate home, and still make good enough money in the new age of NIL. It's safe to say that Love has a lot of options to weigh, and he'll likely take his time coming to a decision.