The 5 biggest NFL Draft busts in Arizona Football history

Arizona Football isn't known as an NFL factory, but it has produced a handful of players with high NFL Draft capital. Some panned out, of course, but here are five of the biggest NFL Draft busts in Arizona Football program history.

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The University of Arizona is far from a regular producer of high-quality NFL talent, but there are quite a few notable alumni taken in the early rounds that it can hang its hat on. Rob Gronkowski, Chuck Cecil, Tedy Bruschi, Lance Briggs, and Chris McAlister are some names that come to mind. Even in this upcoming draft, former left tackle Jordan Morgan is a lock to go within the top 50 picks.

Not all that glimmers is gold, though, and I've identified and ranked five players who were serious busts despite their high draft pedigree or proven production in college. The reasons behind the "bust" label range: some went to a bad scheme fit, some dealt with injuries, and others dealt with suspensions. Regardless, the outcome is the same: an overall lackluster NFL career.