A look at Arizona Football's NFL rookies in their new threads

Rookie mini camps are done, so how are the former Wildcats looking in colors that aren't the red and blue?
Green Bay Packers Rookie Minicamp
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Tanner McLachlan – Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals haven't shown off McLachlan, a sixth-round pick, nearly as much as their other rookies, but that's okay. Much like when he landed at Arizona, the coaching staff won't truly understand the talent that walked through their door until they spend some more time with him.

McLachlan will be keeping his No. 84 that he wore during his two years at Arizona. He'll also be faced with a similar uphill battle for playing time initially: the Bengals spent a fourth-round pick on former Iowa tight end Erick All. All is viewed as a more pro-ready prospect, but McLachlan's intangibles were worth the late-round flyer.

The Bengals have been shy in terms of showing him off to the world, but the rumblings are promising. Drew Sample may make a move to fullback, and a bad initial showing by signee Mike Gesicki opens the door for McLachlan (and All, begrudgingly) to become an integral part of the Cincy air attack.