All-time Arizona Basketball March Madness starting lineup

With March Madness just around the corner, it's fitting to do an All-Time March Madness starting lineup based on how Arizona Basketball players performed in the tournament. Names like Sean Elliott and Mike Bibby headline the list.

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Point guard

Arizona: 1990-94. player. . . 1993-94 Khalid Reeves. . 1993-94 Khalid Reeves. PG. KR. 511

Khalid Reeves
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The all-time March Madness starting lineup would be run through the 1994 NCAA Tournament's edition of Khalid Reeves as the point guard. Some would question why this isn't Mike Bibby running the show, but the stats do the talking here. Reeves' 137 points across just five games — an astronomical 27.4 per game average — is the most ever scored in a March Madness by an Arizona player, and he didn't even need the National Championship game to do it.

His best game was in the Round of 64 against Loyola Maryland, where he posted 32 points, five assists, and five rebounds while leading the 'Cats to an 81-55 beatdown win. In the Round of 32 against Virginia, Reeves logged his second straight 30-point game and added five rebounds, two assists, and two steals to boot. His final stellar showing was in the Sweet Sixteen, where he logged 29 points, four assists, and four rebounds.

His production steadily tapered off throughout the tournament, but Reeves never scored less than 20 points or played in less than 32 minutes in any of the five games. Even his "worst" performance in the Final Four would be a dream stat line for most other players seeing a March Madness game: 20 points, four rebounds, and four assists. This type of reliable production in both scoring and creating scoring plays cements Reeves as the starting point guard on the all-time March Madness squad.