Arizona Football: Coaching candidates to not touch with a ten-foot pole

Utah v Arizona
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Horror show hires

. Scott Frost. 1. . 488. player. Nebraska HC: 2018-2022. Scott Frost. . 1

Scott Frost
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Frost is another name who finds himself lumped into the group of names commonly thrown around to take over Arizona's vacant head coaching position. However, this would be a disastrous hire for the Wildcats, considering that Frost's only real success came when leading UCF to an undefeated regular season in 2017.

His most recent stop was a five-season tenure as the head coach at Nebraska where he never won more than five games. He made it three games through the 2022 season and built up a 1-2 record before finally being canned. He finished his Nebraska career with a record of 16-31. Even before that, he had limited success on his resume. He only ever finished with a winning record once in just over six seasons in a head coaching role.

Hiring Frost would be a disaster and would open up the door for a massive group of players to hit the transfer portal.