Arizona football coaching updates: Who's coming in, and who's going to Washington?

University of Arizona Introduces Brent Brennan as Head Football Coach
University of Arizona Introduces Brent Brennan as Head Football Coach / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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Promising leads

player. 511. . Current: Arizona assistant defensive line (unofficial). Ricky Hunley. Ricky Hunley. DL. . . RH

Though no official announcements have been made, this post from Ricky Hunley's personal instagram after Brennan's introductory team meeting on Tuesday, Jan. 16 seems promising. Hunley, the assistant defensive line coach and a former All-American Arizona linebacker, is poised to take up the full-time defensive line role following the departure of Jason Kaufusi.

Chuck Cecil. player. CC. Chuck Cecil. DB. 511. . . Current: Arizona assistant DBs (unofficial).

Cecil, though he has yet to publicly comment on the matter, also seems like he's in a good spot to return. The departure of John Richardson opens the door for him to be the sole defensive backs coach. Cecil, who is one of the most decorated Arizona football players of all time as a defensive back, would have the opportunity to coach the position he played and specialized in.

. DA. 467. DA. Current: Texas defensive analyst. . . Duane Akina. Duane Akina. player

Akina, who has been an on-again, off-again member of the Arizona staff since 1987 is a well-known name who's heavily sought after by Brennan. He just left Arizona for a defensive analyst position with Texas, but both Akina's and Brennan's deep-rooted ties with Dick Tomey may be enough to swing him back.