Arizona Football nose tackle "Big" Bill Norton officially announces return with a hype video

Oregon State v Arizona
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It was no secret that Arizona nose tackle Bill Norton — affectionally known as Big Bill Norton — was planning on returning to Arizona Football in 2024. Just last week, his mother Stacy Norton joined Mike Luke and Jason Scheer on the PHNX Wildcats podcast and didn't leave anything to the imagination.

"It was never a question, I don't think, to him of not using every year he had eligibility for. He loves college [...]. He wants to play, plain and simple"

Stacy Norton on PHNX Wildcats podcast

Between Stacy Norton's statements and a sentiment that emerged from Johnny Nansen back in December about Norton's return, the cat was seemingly out of the bag, but Norton never made anything official.

That changed on Thursday, Feb. 8, when he became the latest Arizona defender to announce his return with a hype video, this one interlaced with a quote from the Hangover franchise: "We're back, baby. We are back!"

Standing at 6-foot-6 and 325 pounds, he is the anchor of the defensive line and brings SEC-level talent to Arizona Stadium. The Memphis native originally signed with Georgia out of high school and spent four seasons there and was a part of the 2021 National Championship team. However, shortly after the 2022 regular season, he transferred to Arizona.

Although he sacrificed a second national title ring, it's safe to say he made up for it in getting significant play time and becoming one of the key players on the defensive side of the ball. One more year of Bill Norton is just what the doctor ordered for this Arizona defensive line.

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