Arizona Football's Brent Brennan should target four transfer portal players from San José State

Four players from San José State at positions of need for Arizona Football entered the transfer portal within 24 hours of Ken Niumatalolo being named the Spartans' next head coach, and they all could immediately find a role with Arizona.
University of Arizona Introduces Brent Brennan as Head Football Coach
University of Arizona Introduces Brent Brennan as Head Football Coach / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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SJSU: 2023. 511. QC. . player. Utah Tech: 2020-2022. Quali Conley. Quali Conley. RB.

Justin Sinclair, Quali Conley
San Jose State v Hawai'i / Darryl Oumi/GettyImages

Conley, a 5 foot 10 and 207-pound running back, could be Arizona's biggest transfer portal pickup of the offseason if Arizona lands him. It seems likely that Arizona would heavily target him, per Jason Scheer of 247Sports. Conley would certainly see playing time as the every-down, run-it-up-the-gut back with either Rayshon "Speedy" Luke or incoming signee Jordan Washington profiling as the lighter, quicker runners. Conley was often given the "tough" yards: runs right up the middle where breaking away from the defense is far less likely.

Despite being relegated to second on the depth chart and having to watch his backfield partner Kairee Robinson amass almost 1,200 rushing yards and 18 touchdowns, Conley still got fed. Despite being San José State's backup, he posted more yards (842) than the leading rushers from six different Mountain West squads and paired it with nine rushing touchdowns and 269 receiving yards. He would serve as both a great workhorse runner and an important weapon inside the opposing five-yard line.