Big 12 Football Schedule released: Who is Arizona playing in 2024?

With the Big 12 releasing the full schedule, Arizona Football now knows who they will be playing and when. This is an exercise in getting to know how each team played last year, who some key players are, and what to look out for as the season goes on.
San Jose State v Boise State
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Brent Brennan is just two weeks into his tenure as the 31st head coach of Arizona Football. He's done a fantastic job at retaining the key players, with 11 starters from the 2023 Alamo Bowl having confirmed a return for 2024. He will lead the Wildcats in their first season as members of the Big 12 conference, with the schedule looking quite different than it has in years past.

For starters, the final non-conference game is against a Big 12 opponent in Kansas State. However, since this has been scheduled for eight years now, it won't count as an "in-conference" game on paper. Additionally, Arizona will see two bye weeks (Week 5 and Week 11) in this season's conference play instead of the usual one. The Wildcats will be playing seven new in-conference opponents along with each of the three other Pac-12 departing members this season.

On the front door of a new era, many big games lie ahead in this first season with a shiny new conference. Let's get into what the actual schedule looks like.