Big 12 Football Schedule released: Who is Arizona playing in 2024?

With the Big 12 releasing the full schedule, Arizona Football now knows who they will be playing and when. This is an exercise in getting to know how each team played last year, who some key players are, and what to look out for as the season goes on.
San Jose State v Boise State
San Jose State v Boise State / Loren Orr/GettyImages
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12. Last year: 4-8, 2-7 in Big 12. . . . . Tucson, AZ. 12. team. 450

Tank Jenkins, Stephon Johnson, Donovan Smith
Houston v Baylor / Richard Rodriguez/GettyImages

Houston also struggled in its first year in the Big 12, only posting wins over Baylor and, surprisingly, West Virginia in conference play. However, the lowlight was a 41-0 shutout by Kansas State in Week 10 in Manhattan. It was a season bad enough to get Dana Holgorsen fired, but poaching Willie Fritz from Tulane could pay dividends. Fritz already brought in former Louisiana quarterback Zeon Chriss to be a better version of what Donovan Smith tried to be last year. For the most part, this is a "wait and see what happens" game.