Doubt Cast: LA Broadcaster Fred Roggin questions Hurley Brothers' NBA potential

Fred Roggin, a Los Angeles sports broadcaster, believes the Hurley brothers, Dan (UConn) and Bobby (ASU), are not a good match for the NBA. He spoke about this shortly after learning that the Los Angeles Lakers were interested in hiring Dan Hurley as their new head coach.
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Arizona Basketball fans and students have had a lot of experience watching, reacting, and exacerbating rival ASU Basketball head coach Bobby Hurley's behavior on the sidelines. They plan how and what to say to get under his skin to help him be ejected from a game to ensure a win. Fans and the ZonaZoo use signs and big heads at games and go at him and the Sun Devils on social media.

Remember when Hurley received disciplinary action when he and players Jay Heath and Jalen Graham displayed inappropriate conduct toward the officiating Crew after an ASU vs. Stanford game in 2022? Hurley was fined $20,000 and suspended for the next game.

Recently, there have been rumors that Hurley's brother, UConn head coach, and two-time NCAA champion Dan Hurley, is being pursued by the Los Angeles Lakers, an NBA team that rivals the Phoenix Suns. Neither brother is calm on the sidelines; they are quite the opposite. LA Broadcaster Fred Roggin, and father of Jack Roggin, who played for Bobby Hurley at ASU in his freshman year (2017-2018), spoke about the feasibility of either of the Hurley Brothers coaching in the NBA.

The elder Roggin used phrases such as "full speed ahead", "explode", and "grave concerns" in discussing if Dan Hurley can last an entire season in the NBA.

"I have extensive experience watching [Dan Hurley']s brother Bobby at Arizona State," explained Roggin. "When I watch Dan [Hurley] on TV, he's very much like his brother. And my concern is this, I'm laying it out there, I don't know if Dan Hurley can physically survive an entire NBA season."

I would say most Arizona Basketball fans would agree.

Lakers fan Jose Mejia responded to Roggin's comments on Instagram: "I [would] rather see him going nuts after a bad cal [sic] on the sideline, then [sic] watching [Darvin] Ham w hands on his pockets [sic] every time 😪"

Lakers fans were very vocal about the now-fired Ham and his fourth-quarter decisions. But one could surmise that the decisions were neither Ham's, nor Frank Vogel's before Ham, nor Luke Walton's before Vogel. They were most likely LeBron James' decisions or advisement; he has been seen coaching from the sidelines.

Another thing that may not work with the Lakers or any NBA team is Dan Hurley's practice regimen. Hurley agrees that his practices are harder than the games. Can you imagine the NBA legends' response to Hurley's intensity? It's what they need sometimes, but is it what they want?

Hurley may be more suited for a young NBA team with players who left college early and a few seasoned players who are more interested in molding young players than getting noticed for their own stats.

CBS Sports analyst Jon Rothstein agrees with Hurley on his practices:

"You know how coaches coach every play? Well, Dan Hurley coaches every dribble. There is no ability in that practice to relent for a second"

Jon Rothstein, CBS Sports

Are the Hurley brothers suited for the NBA? Who knows. But we agree with Roggin: at this point, Dan may not make it through an NBA season.

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