Drama in the Desert: The coaching situation has brought out the best and the worst

Whether it's players, fans, coaches, or athletic directors, the chaos caused by the college coaching carousel has brought out the best and worst in everyone.
University of Arizona Introduces Brent Brennan as Head Football Coach
University of Arizona Introduces Brent Brennan as Head Football Coach / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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In the unpredictable world of college football, emotions run high and loyalty is tested. The Arizona Wildcats football community recently experienced a rollercoaster of sentiments as their former head coach, Jedd Fisch, departed abruptly after a milestone 10-3 season, leaving for the University of Washington with a lucrative offer. This unexpected turn of events has left fans, alumni, and even restrooms at Gentle Bens buzzing with a mix of emotions.

The shock of departure:

Following a remarkable 10-3 season that ranked No. 11 nationally, Fisch's decision to leave for the University of Washington left the Wildcats community in shock. The abrupt departure, along with most of his offensive coaching staff, raised eyebrows and stirred a whirlwind of reactions among the loyal Wildcats fans.

The alumni coaches left behind:

While Fisch took most of his offensive coaches, Arizona alumni in coaching roles found themselves in a unique position. Some were content with the new direction and coaching staff, creating a divide in emotions within the Wildcats family. Both Ricky Hunley and Chuck Cecil are remaining on staff, and Scooby Wright III showed up in Tucson today to say hello to the new head coach.

Enter Brent Brennan:

In a matter of days, Arizona Athletic Director Dave Heeke made a swift move by hiring Brent Brennan as the new head coach. Formerly the head coach at San Jose State, Brennan's connection to Arizona runs deep – his wife is an alum, he was a grad assistant under Dick Tomey, and his brother once played for the Arizona football team. The boosters and alumni had their say, and their choice was clear.