Ephesians Prysock transfers to Washington but not without trolling Arizona fans first

Utah v Arizona
Utah v Arizona / Chris Coduto/GettyImages

Despite teasing Arizona Football fans with the idea of potentially staying in Tucson, Ephesians Prysock will follow Jedd Fisch to Washington.

Kids will be kids, but in the wacky world of College Athletics (especially in the NIL era nowadays), star Arizona Football cornerback Ephesians Prysock joins a long list of college athletes in search of greener pastures.

Days after entering the infamous transfer portal, Prysock officially made his commitment known, announcing via social media his intent to transfer to the University of Washington on Saturday evening.

Following Jedd Fisch and the previous Arizona Football staff, Prysock's career in Tucson is over.

A decision that may not shock too many, as it was believed that Prysock was leaning towards committing to the Huskies over the past several days; however, for us, it was just a matter of when he would announce it.

That is until days ago, when Ephesians trolled... err, I mean got the hopes of many Arizona fans by tweeting out for people to buy his personalized Arizona jersey (rightfully capitalizing on the NIL program).

The tweet teased Arizona Football fans as he perhaps hinted at the idea of potentially staying in Tucson, or at least so we thought.

Alas, Arizona fans who have been through a bit of turmoil over the past several days got to witness yet another key contributor from that 10-3 team leave.

Look, no harm, no foul for a kid who is trying to make the most out of his opportunities, or trying to improve his personal situation, these things happen in college athletics and are understandable. Personally, I wish him the best!

But in a sport that is slowly being derailed by personal greed and gain (the NIL is only going to get worse), the process in which Ephesians went about this by trying to monetize himself off Arizona fans only to essentially spit in their face is all sorts of low.

I get it, he's young and immature, and eventually, he will learn, but how he played and trolled Arizona fans up until the moment he transferred speaks more about who he is off the field than it does on it. But you know what they say, birds of a feather... and this bird flocked his way to join the others in Seattle.

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