Every coaching and administrative hire made by Arizona Football in the 2023-24 offseason

University of Arizona Introduces Brent Brennan as Head Football Coach
University of Arizona Introduces Brent Brennan as Head Football Coach / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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Defensive positional coaches

Chip Viney. 511. . . Chip Viney. Announced: 1/25. CB. player. CV.

Viney is following Brennen to Arizona from San Jose State, where he spent the 2022-23 seasons as the cornerbacks and defensive backs coach. He previously coached at Oklahoma for eight seasons before Brennan poached him away with no intention of letting him stray again in this coaching cycle. He also spent the 2017 season as Nevada's cornerbacks coach.

dg. . player. 511. Danny Gonzales. LB. Reported: 1/24. Danny Gonzales. . Also: Special teams coordinator

Danny Gonzales
USC v Arizona State / Christian Petersen/GettyImages

Yes, this is the same Gonzales as previously mentioned, in case you were wondering. While with New Mexico, he coached linebackers Brandon Shook to second-team All-Mountain West honors in 2020 and Cody Moon (2022) and Alec Mareno (2023) to honorable mention honors. With Arizona State, he coached linebacker Khaylan Kearse-Thomas to All-Pac-12 honorable mention honors in 2019 and Merlin Robertson to a Pac-12 Defensive Freshman Player of the Year award in 2018. Gonzales' linebackers have remained well-decorated over his recent years and bodes well for an Arizona room that boasts Jacob Manu and Justin Flowe.

. player. 511. . DL. Joe Seumalo. Joe Seumalo. JS. . Announced: 1/24

Seumalo has a long history with Brennan. He played defensive line under Dick Tomey for four years at Hawaii from 1985-88 and was the defensive line coach under Tomey at San José State in 2005 when Brennan was on the coaching staff. He also was Oregon State's defensive line coach from 2006-14, with a four-season overlap with Brennan from 2011-14. He joined Brennan's staff in 2017 at San José State as the defensive line coach and will be working alongside Ricky Hunley to coach up a group that's looking thinner by the day.

. . Announced: 1/24. SR. BA. player. Brett Arce. Brett Arce. 511.

Arce, who has already been with Arizona for three seasons, will now be coaching the STARS on defense — and this isn't referring to player quality. The STAR is a position on defense typically occupied by a sixth defensive back (the "dime" back) in place of a third linebacker. This isn't anything new to the Arizona defense; this was largely the role Martell Irby played in his resurgent 2023 season. From 2021-23, Arce served as a defensive analyst who worked mainly with the nickelbacks (the fifth defensive back on the field) and the safeties.

. Ricky Hunley. DL. RH. Ricky Hunley. . . Hired: 2021. player. 511

DB. . player. Chuck Cecil. 511. CC. . Chuck Cecil. . Hired: 2017

Hunley and Cecil are two holdovers from previous regimes that were vital to keep around. Though nothing has been announced by Arizona Athletics, the Desert Swarm-era players-turned-coaches have been instrumental in helping to keep the team intact both before and after Brennan's hire. Cecil is set to step into a bigger role as the defensive backs coach with the departure of cornerbacks coach John Richardson Seattle. Hunley, meanwhile, will still be splitting defensive line coaching duties, but with Seumalo instead of Jason Kaufusi, who also joined Fisch in Washington.