Former Wildcat transfers out of new school one year after leaving Arizona Basketball

With the DeVries duo taking over West Virginia, Kerr Kriisa will be on his way out the door.

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Country roads?

Kerr Kriisa
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The arrival of the DeVries family in Morgantown spells the end of Kriisa's time there. New head coach Darian DeVries will clearly want to put his son Tucker DeVries out on the floor, and it's not just because of the family ties. Tucker DeVries is one of the best college basketball players right now who can score at an absurdly high level and has a great 6-foot-7 frame, while Kriisa is a hot-and-cold shooter who falls on the smaller end of the spectrum.

He'll find a landing spot; there's a coach out there who will play into his confidence and let him call the shots. Kriisa creates plays whether he's pulling the trigger from behind the arc or finding a teammate open with a great look at the basket, so he won't be out of a job for long.

Just don't expect a homecoming in the Old Pueblo.

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