The four best candidates to join Brent Brennan's staff as Arizona Football offensive coordinator

University of Arizona Introduces Brent Brennan as Head Football Coach
University of Arizona Introduces Brent Brennan as Head Football Coach / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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Brennan Marion
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Marion's inclusion in this list is not due to associations, but largely due to scheme. Marion's meteoric rise over the last 10 years is largely due to being the mastermind behind the "go-go offense": a scheme with two running backs on the field predicated on an up-tempo power run game that allows for a quarterback to execute an RPO. This scheme would suit the current roster situation and quarterback Noah Fifita's connection with wide receiver Tetairoa McMillan beautifully.

With increased dependence on the running backs, it would allow both Rayshon "Speedy" Luke and either Quali Conley (if he transfers to Arizona) or Jordan Washington (if he stays committed) to find a serious foothold immediately. The running game would also require plenty of movement along the offensive line, which guard Wendell Moe and tackle Jonah Savaiinaea have proven to be extremely capable of doing. The option to pull the ball back and pass after the defense has already bitten on the run will also allow McMillan and fellow wideout AJ Jones to use their large frames to go up and grab passes.

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