March 18, 1989: No. 1 Arizona Basketball defeats No. 9 Clemson in the second round of the NCAA Tournament

Arizona and Clemson have been on this stage before, and it ended really well for the Wildcats.

Lute Olson
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With No. 2 Arizona Basketball and No. 6 Clemson set to tip off the Sweet Sixteen, longtime Arizona fans may be greeted with a familiar sight: a March Madness game against Clemson. And while nothing is guaranteed, we can only hope for a similar outcome. In the 1989 NCAA Tournament, No. 1 seed Arizona took down No. 9 seed Clemson in the Round of 32 in the form of a 94-68 throttling.

Let's take a look back in time at those two teams and the context surrounding the first-ever meeting between the two schools.