March 31, 1997: Arizona Basketball knocks off Kentucky to win the NCAA Championship

Lute Olson
Lute Olson / Brian Bahr/GettyImages
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The 2024 NCAA Tournament window has closed for Arizona Basketball, but that doesn't mean we can't still reminisce. 27 years ago today, No. 4-seeded Arizona summitted the peak and knocked off Kentucky to secure its first and only National Championship in program history.

It was a culmination that not many saw coming, considering Arizona finished in fourth place in the Pac-10 and lost nine games for the first time in 10 years. However, the ensuing postseason run was legendary: three No. 1 seeds and two conference champions all saw their seasons come to an end against the Lute Olson-led Wildcats.

In this, we'll look at how the regular season played out and dive into each postseason game played that year by the 'Cats.