Opinion: Ranking the Top 5 Athletes to come out of Arizona

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Annika Sorenstam
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No. 3 - Annika Sörenstam

It is hard putting together a list of Top 5 Arizona Athletes and not include Annika Sörenstam because she is worthy of being in the conversation of being one of the best Athletes ever to hail from the University of Arizona. 

For those who don't know her or remember her, at one point, Sörenstam was essentially considered the Tiger Woods of Women's Golf. Winner of 72 LPGA Tour Events including ten major titles, she is considered one of the greatest to ever play the sport and ranks 4th All-Time in most majors won in the LPGA. 

Before her professional golfing career, Annika was an elite collegiate golfer at the University of Arizona! Winner of seven collegiate titles, she became the first non-American and first freshman to win the individual NCAA Division I Championship in 1991. 

Her accolades and accomplishments speak for themself, and are a major reason why she is so high on this list!