Pac-12 Basketball Power Rankings: Arizona remains on top, USC slips below UCLA

After Week 5 of Pac-12 play, Arizona Basketball remains on top of the conference while there's finally notable shuffling in the rankings. USC slipped below UCLA and now holds the bottom spot, and Washington State is slowly creeping upward.

Colorado v Arizona
Colorado v Arizona / Chris Coduto/GettyImages
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Week 5 of Pac-12 play has passed and the "Conference of Champions" is looking to get back to its former glory in its last hurrah. Despite only one team (Arizona) landing in the AP Top 25 yet again, there are two other 15-win teams (Colorado, Washington State) and a pair of 14-win teams (Oregon, Utah). Once again, this conference is top-heavy and it will be a dogfight on the road to the final Pac-12 Tournament.

The AP voters are really working as hard as they can to kill their credibility on the West Coast. Arizona fell two spots despite the Oregon State loss being on a buzzer beater while Duke and Wisconsin rose to No. 7 and No. 6, respectively, while beating decent teams at best and had the close games fall their way. This foolishness happens while none out of the trio of Oregon, Utah, and Colorado received any votes whatsoever.