Pac-12 Basketball Power Rankings: Arizona and Washington State continue to show out

Week 7 of Pac-12 men's basketball play is in the rearview. No. 5 Arizona and Washington State solidified themselves as the best in the conference. Below them, though, nobody else had a stellar weekend and there was a lot of spot-swapping.
Arizona v Utah
Arizona v Utah / Chris Gardner/GettyImages
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Week 7 of Pac-12 play has come and gone, and each team's identity and status as a contender (or not) for March has become much more apparent. Arizona is a lock for the tournament and will be jockeying for a No. 1 seed, while Washington State has come on extremely strong lately and looks to be a middle seed.

Oregon, Colorado, and Utah need to iron out some of the wrinkles that have been plaguing them in order to be real contenders for the tournament, but they'll be keeping their eyes on the bubble as they look to stun people. Stanford and UCLA could also make the postseason, but they'd be better off eyeing the conference tournament and seem like long shots to become bubble teams.

The season is dangerously close to being a complete wash for both Arizona State and Washington, who both show that they can steal wins every so often but can't reliably be counted on to do so. Cal escaped the basement to join the Huskies and Sun Devils in playing spoiler as well, with essentially no hope at postseason success.

Finally, Oregon State and USC simply haven't shown signs of life. They're the only two basement teams and are a solid tier below Cal, who can at least be counted on to split a series on a weekly basis. These teams should focus on next season and getting young talent meaningful minutes to develop and get better.