Predicting every game on Arizona Football's 2024 schedule

Arizona v Arizona State
Arizona v Arizona State / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Though the roster is far from complete and the transfer portal is still open, it's become more clear in recent weeks that the 2024 edition of Arizona Football will be similar to last season's squad with a few major changes. None is more important than the minting of Brent Brennan as the 31st head coach of Arizona for his first power conference head coaching job.

There will be some hiccups early on in the season, and the war of attrition that we call football will take its toll by the end of the season. However, Arizona is still poised to have a better-than-average season and could still make some serious noise in its first year in the Big 12.

How will Year 1 of the Brennan era play out for Arizona?