Seven emerging candidates to take over as head coach for Arizona Football

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Ril. . 432. 7. player. . . Clemson OC. Garrett Riley. Garrett Riley

Riley's is a name that is relatively unheralded in national circles, but he has a great pedigree. It's not outside of Arizona's nature to take a chance on a promising assistant coach with strong ties to great coaches to take the helm. He spent 2023 with Clemson as the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach, where he was tasked with helping develop sophomore quarterback Cade Klubnik in his first season as a starter.

His claim to fame was being the OC for a TCU team that made the national championship game in 2022. Quentin Johnson, Steve Avila, Kendre Miller, Derrius Davis, and Max Duggan were all offensive players under Garrett Riley who were selected in the 2022 NFL Draft. Riley is an unheralded name, but he has a decent resume and has been looking for his shot in the big chair.

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