She's Next: Carlie Cisneros brings Elite Game to Arizona Volleyball

She's the top prospect in the 2024 class and is set to join what appears to be a very deep position group in 2024. Carlie Cisneros should bring the competition level way up for the Wildcats' attack this fall.

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If you want to be the best, then you need to recruit the best. In the class of 2024, Arizona Volleyball head coach Charita Stubbs and the Wildcats recruited the best.

For the first time in her very brief head coaching career at Arizona, Stubbs has brought in her first Top 10 recruiting class in the nation, which includes No. 1 recruit Carlie Cisneros.

The 6-foot-tall outside hitter from Liberty North High School in Kansas City, Missouri, Cisneros brings wuite the laundry list of accolades with her and immediately becomes one of the most decorated and heralded players ever to join Arizona Volleyball.

Some of the Accolades:

1. All-American

2. Two-Time Gatorade Player of the Year for Missouri

3. Top Recruit In School History

Breaking Down Cisneros' Game:

The big thing that stands out with Cisneros is the composure and control of her attacking game. Even when the play ends up out of the system, there is no real stress to her game. She appears to get her rotation down effortlessly to get into the best possible attacking position despite the location of the set.

In volleyball, you can teach movement and โ€” to an extent โ€” flow of a game, but the natural instinct in Cisneros is something that is not taught, but rather something that is typically only found in the most special types of players.

Her game IQ is something to truly behold as well. Cisneros' power swings look effortless, but she also showcases a high-level ability to read blocks and defenses to know when to change up her attack. Be it a high swing to play a block, or changing things up for a roll shot or tip, Cisneros has an entire tool chest of swings, which can make opposing teams' lives miserable.

Now, it's easy to focus on the good things in Cisneros' game, but it's only fair to also share the areas of improvement that are needed for her to truly become elite at the Big 12 and National levels in college. Two big things stand out to me, and they are very minor and can likely be cleaned up by the time Arizona serves its first ball this fall.

The first thing I see with Cisneros is the out-of-frame passing. When she's planted and set in her passing frame, her passes are spot-on without making the setter adjust much at all. However, when she has to adjust to moving outside her frame either to the left or right, the ball tends to drift and the play shift to more of an out-of-system setting opportunity.

The second thing I notice is a bit of a drifting issue at the net, which can force the setter to either bring the set closer in for an easier double block opportunity, or also to overset the approach.

Is this nitpicking on some very minor tweaks needed to her game? Yes, yes it is. However, with so much to like, it took searching through a lot of clips to find something to break down as far as improvement.

Projecting her Arizona career:

Now comes the fun part โ€” given the expectation that Cisneros will see the court in her time in Tucson.

First off, if she comes in and can quickly adjust and adapt to the college game, Big 12 Conference Freshman of the Year could very likely be on the table. With the continued growth of her game as she progresses through her collegiate career, I could also see multiple 1st Team Big 12 honors, as well as a shot at All-American honors.

Regardless of what will happen over the course of her Arizona Wildcats career, one thing is certain, and it is that Carlie Cisneros is a truly special player and there's a good chance she'll be just that for the Arizona Wildcats when it's all said and done.

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