Wavering the storm: Supporting the Arizona Wildcats football team through a coaching transition

Most Arizona Wildcats fans and the Arizona Football program players, coaches, and management are sad and disappointed in the manner in which Jedd Fisch was dumping us all in a matter of a few days. The worst part was that he could have been a legend for Arizona, but now, he is a pariah.
Utah v Arizona
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The recent news of Jedd Fisch signing a contract and leaving the University of Arizona football program has left the fans and players heartbroken. The timing of Fisch's decision was terrible, especially because his players had dedicated themselves to him and the team's success. Fisch sold everyone on family, loyalty, and dedication, then dropped us all like a hot potato.

While it is natural for fans to feel a sense of betrayal in such situations, it is important to keep calm and consider the impact of this news on the players. The players dedicated themselves to the coach and the team's success, and now they are left with a sense of uncertainty and disappointment. After Les Fifita, starting quarterback Noah Fifita's dad, posted on Twitter, fans have come out with so much support and love! We have not seen this in decades; the fans love this team!

As parents and fans, it is our duty to support the players and help them navigate through the challenges ahead. They need our love, guidance, and faith in their abilities and potential. While it's easy to give in to frustration, anger, and disappointment, we must instead focus on keeping the team together and helping them reach their potential. As I heard this morning, "Don't go through it, grow through it." College Football is more like the NFL, and the players are learning that they need to grow up fast and not trust what they hear from their boss/coach/employer.

Currently ranked No. 11 nationally after the season came to an end, the Wildcats have the potential to become a top-10 ranked team with legitimate Big-12 Championship and CFB Playoff aspirations. This team could be on the precipice of going to the now-expanded 12-team playoffs with their new conference. At such times, it is essential to make sure the team doesn't fall apart. We must work together and support each other, especially the players, who have dedicated their lives to the game.

We, as fans, finally felt like we weren't a step-child anymore, that Arizona was a powerhouse program once again and were riding the wave. But will Arizona be a stepping stone for all coaches moving forward? We all thought Fisch was going to be that guy: the coach that would go down in history as rebuilding a program and he would have been a legend in Tucson for eternity. Can we trust any new coach coming in?

While it's never easy to see a beloved coach leave a team, we must trust the process. We must focus on building relationships with the players first and foremost, supporting them and ensuring they know we believe in them. We must always keep in mind that it's never been about money; it's always been about the relationships that we build. So we are now concerned with players entering the portal. Even though we have seen players leave our program and not do so well in the portal.

In the end, the players are the ones who will have to make one of the toughest decisions of their young lives. We can offer our support, guidance, and love, but ultimately it is up to them to decide their future. We can only pray for them and trust that they will make the best decision for themselves and the team.

I am optimistic but sad that money, the major issue that Arizona has right now, rules the world. We just got the latest tweet from a CBS Sports insider, so now it looks like Fisch is bringing his staff to Washington.

In conclusion, let's keep the team together with love, patience, and faith in their abilities. We should be there for the players, listen to them, guide them, and pray for them. In this way, we can keep the Wildcats spirit alive and propel them to greater heights of success. Pray for the best outcome, because when one door closes, another door opens.


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