Taking a look at the Major Takeaways from Arizona Athletics' 5-Point Plan

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Arizona Athletic Director Desiree Reed-Francois outlined a 5-Point Plan for improved operations and financial accountability, so we discuss the major takeaways!

Recently hired Arizona Athletic Director Desiree Reed-Francois has been on the job for a few weeks at this point, but already she has had a busy start in her new role.

It was just days ago that Reed-Francois and Arizona Athletics unveiled a comprehensive five-point plan aimed at elevating the departments' overall performance and sustainability. This strategic initiative encompasses the framework that will hopefully lead to improved department operations and overall financial accountability.

We look at each of those frameworks and will break down the major takeaways from the new initiatives outlined by Arizona Athletics.

Streamlined Organizational Structure

First off is a Streamlined Organizational Structure. A necessary framework for Arizona's Athletic department, a streamlined structure can reduce redundancies, leading to quicker decision-making, more clear communication, and allow for agile responses to challenges. 

Beyond that, roles and responsibilities can become more clearly defined, improving overall productivity/accountability while reducing unnecessary administrative costs. With this, Arizona is hoping to reduce administrative leadership personnel costs by $500,000 which at this time, is very important for Arizona.

Implementation of New Processes and Culture

Modernization is the key nowadays in the ever-changing landscape of Collegiate Athletics, and for Arizona, introducing new processes can keep the department up-to-date with industry best practices, hopefully enhancing the department's overall effectiveness.

However, the key for Reed-Francois and Arizona is to instill a culture of accountability and responsibility especially as they navigate through some of their financial woes.

Priority Budgeting

This goes without saying but given Arizona's financial crisis, prioritizing budgeting will ensure critical areas are still receiving necessary funding, while not comprising the department's overall performance. 

With the transformation of college athletics to now allow student-athletes to earn revenue sharing, priority budgeting is vital for Arizona to ensure they allocate the necessary funds/resources while still staying ahead of the curve. 

Revenue Generation

Perhaps the most critical piece in Reed-Francois' plan, but this is where Arizona needs to get creative to ensure they are staying competitive in the college athletic landscape!

For Arizona to earn every dollar possible, it will need to have diversified revenue streams. Reed-Francois hopes to achieve this with increased revenue generation through Philanthropic opportunities (more outreach/connection to donors), Multimedia and Naming Rights (sponsorships/partnerships), and Fan Experience, Growing Attendance, and Increasing Ticket Revenue (growing revenue by improving the game atmosphere and ambiance). 

And for a school like Arizona, these areas are necessary to ensure that they are maximizing every dollar possible!

Adaptation, Preparation, and Continued Learning

With an emphasis on adaptability and continuous learning, Arizona will be better suited and prepared to handle any future obstacles while being able to react to changes effectively. As outlined in the previous points above, the hope is that they will be better positioned moving forward for overall operational success and financial well-being. 

The Major Takeaways:

Cash is King and Arizona Athletics needs LOTS of it!

The biggest takeaway to me is the opportunity for increased revenue generation. In an era of college athletics where you have to keep up with the Joneses, maximizing every dollar at a school like Arizona matters.

If that means changing the name of McKale Center to the Nova Home Loans McKale Center because it brings in a few million dollars to the school, you do it, no questions asked (Arizona Traditionalists be damned).

Preparing for Revenue Sharing

As previously stated, the landscape of college athletics is quickly changing and Arizona Athletics needs to be agile and ready for those upcoming changes! One of the biggest is revenue sharing. With student-athletes soon being able to earn a slice of the pie, Arizona will need to increase its scholarship offerings. 

In conclusion, the five-point plan outlined by Reed-Francois is a unique strategy aimed at ensuring the department's overall sustainability and success, and each component offers significant benefits but also comes with its own set of challenges. Either way, exciting times are ahead for Arizona Athletics!

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