Twitter Recap: UNLV-Arizona Football


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Arizona football got off to one heck of a start last night, especially the offense. We watched redshirt freshman QB Anu Solomon, fifth year senior RB Terris Jones-Grigsby, and true freshman Nick Wilson break out and have great first games. Lets head over to Twitter for a fun recap of last night’s game.

So how about that Anu Solomon guy, huh?

That was only the first half!! A few more just to show how great he truly was!!

I checked and is still available…but not for long!
Now onto some other parts of the game. How about Terris Jones-Grigsby? Not a bad game for the fifth year senior getting his first start. And how about the young guy Nick Wilson? Nice statement for your first touchdown!

And now for some Nick Wilson!

The wide receivers weren’t too shabby last night either!

Finally, how about some broken records!!

Well that was fun everyone! Our Twitter recap will be back next week! Oh, and good job Zona Zoo, Bear Down!!!!