Arizona Basketball: Wildcats Player Nicknames Past Present and Future

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Future Wildcats with and without nicknames, and as far as we know (please correct us if we missed one):

Kobi Simmons – Shoogs, KJ or  Koobbb (we like Shoogs but they all work)

Lauri Markkanen – Fans suggestions:  “The Finnisher” (two n’s because he’s from Finland, and he finishes on the court. Like the king of the court) or Hercules” (Greek God, the strongest man on Earth because Zeus has left the building)

Rawle Alkins – Fans suggestions:: “Raw” (He has Raw talent) or “Amazing-A” (Again because he is truly Amazing), The Conductor (conducts the court)

Terrance Ferguson – Fans suggestions: “Wings” (Terrance told ZZ when he dunks he has wings, we agree) or “T-Fierce” (he is a fierce competitor on the court) or “Viper” (a play on Mamba, Viper is a cobra snake that rises up fast and attacks) or just stick with 2k

Talbott Denny – Fans suggestions: “Messenger of destruction” (this is exactly what his first name means)

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What do you think? Any idea’s? We want these two future Cats to be happy with their nicknames, or at least what we have suggested. If the players don’t like what we have come up with, maybe we just have to let it come naturally. Let us know if we forgot a player and their nickname. BearDown Arizona!