Bobby Dalbec: From Wildcat to Boston Redsox red, white and blue

Photo Cred: Guillermo Angeles
Photo Cred: Guillermo Angeles /

Arizona Baseball adds another Wildcat to their ‘Drafted in the MLB Draft’ list; Bobby Dalbec will continue to play hopefully one day soon in the most historic park in Baseball.

Arizona Baseball has had the honor of sending plenty of talent into the big leagues. Not very many college athletes get to feel the thrill of being drafted, at least five Wildcats were fortunate to be able to experience that thrill.  

Bobby Dalbec was the first Wildcat to hear his name last week as his team was battling to move on to the College World Series. With the 118th pick in the fourth round of the 2016 Major League Baseball draft, the Boston Redsox chose wisely. Dalbec was the 88th  ranked prospect according to He is a versatile 6’4” 219 lb RHP (pitcher) and third baseman.

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It is widely known that Dalbec has some, if not the best, raw power in the game. His 2015 campaign was great, and he was expected to improve this season. Bobby has had a decent year but nothing that jumped off the page. It is hard to say where is will be playing in the Redsox’s franchise, but where ever he lands he’ll add to the success of the franchise.

Listed as a 3rd baseman, his speed on the diamond may move him over to first base. Then again his arm is a threat that can’t be ignored at the hot corner. 

Dalbec has pitched quite a bit in a Wildcats uniform and has a fastball that is in the 92-93 mph range. He proved he had definite pitching skills in Game 1 of the Super Regionals against Mississippi State when he pitched 8.2 innings striking out nine Bulldogs and adding a win to his total (10-4).

The Game 1 Bulldog win earned Dalbec the Rawlings Sports Pitcher of the Week.

Where his road to the big leagues will lead or where we will see Dalbec play when he finally puts on a Redsox Jersey is still a couple of years away. He may choose to dawn a Wildcats jersey one more year if he returns to Arizona Baseball for his senior campaign. There is a lot that goes into being drafted, part of that is the choice of signing with a big league team or coming back to college for one more year.

Here is the rule from

"A Club generally retains the rights to sign a selected player until 11:59 PM (EDT) August 15, or until the player enters, or returns to, a four-year college on a full-time basis. A player who is drafted and does not sign with the Club that selected him may be drafted again at a future year’s Draft, so long as the player is eligible for that year’s Draft. A Club may not select a player again in a subsequent year unless the player has consented to the re-selection."

Dalbec is the first Wildcat taken in the 2016 draft. Overall he is the 241st player drafted from the Wildcats and the 26th since 2011. 

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Arizona Baseball earned a bid to the College World Series which begins this weekend in Omaha, Nebraska. Arizona plays Miami at 5:00 pm PST/MST on ESPN on Saturday, June 18th. Congrats again to Bobby and all the Wildcats on the Wildcats 17th trip back to Omaha! We can’t wait to see them play in the final series (positive thinking). BearDown Bobby!