Bill Maher trashes Arizona rival Arizona State on television

It’s always fun when media calls out or publicly shames Arizona rival Arizona State on national television, and Bill Maher happens to be the latest one to do so!

Who doesn’t love seeing Arizona State getting publicly humiliated? Well us Arizona Wildcat fans surely do, and we relish it every single time it happens. This time some serious humiliation happened as political commentator and comedian Bill Maher roasted ASU on his show “Real Time with Bill Maher.”

Two-to-three times a year at least, Wildcats fans have fun poking fun at ASU. Usually it’s right before when ASU and Arizona square up for a football or basketball game, and the meme’s and insults are hilarious.

Remember when a bar in Tempe banned Arizona Wildcats shirts from being worn in their establishment before a rivalry basketball game? This rivalry is one of the biggest and most underrated in the NCAA. And the hate surely runs deep, and we are all here for it.

Maher has been broadcasting his show using Zoom-like software and filming from his backyard with a green screen and film of people laughing from the 1950’s through today. He has a segment called “New Rules” where he comes up with a new rule for society, and much to our delight, he trashed ASU.

In 2016, Stephen Colbert made fun of an ASU degree on The Late Show when he was reporting on fake degrees from fake schools. Colbert made up his own universities, starting with Prancetown University (Princeton University), Johns Hotpants University (for Johns Hopkins), Stanford & Son (Stanford), and more. The funny part was when he listed Arizona State University without changing the name.

As we reported before, in the Movie Ted 2, whose producer, Scott Stuber is a University of Arizona graduate, Ted hires an ASU grad, Amanda Siegfried as his lawyer. One of the jokes was made after Ted lost his case, “You went to Arizona State? No wonder why we lost the case.” There were more jokes in the movie according to AZ Central’s Kayla Samoy.

Which brings us to last weeks Bill Maher New Rules segment where he trashed ASU. “Someone has to tell Arizona State University that going online defeats the whole purpose of Arizona State University. No one goes to ASU for the academics, they go for the parties…,” said Maher.

This wasn’t the first time Maher dissed ASU. In 2010 he also went on a tirade after the school didn’t give President Obama an honorary degree as he was delivering a commencement speech:

“What poseurs, Arizona State. You gave it to Tommy LaSorda last year, for crying out loud. Arizona State, – I’ve been to that school. It’s a party-ville – You know when strippers say, ‘I’m working my way through college’? That’s the college.”

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We thank Bill for helping Wildcats fans everywhere get a few laughs at the expense of our rival Arizona State University Sun Devils. Keep it up!

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