Pac-12 and Arizona needs Larry Scott to start leading by example

With the on-going Covid crisis, the Pac-12 and Larry Scott need to do a better job in leading by example, which would help its member schools like Arizona!

As we inch closer and closer to fall sports potentially returning, it seems like Covid isn’t letting up and that is going to have a huge financial impact potentially. Unfortunately for the Pac-12 and its Commissioner Larry Scott, to me it appears that the conference isn’t doing enough to help its member schools.

It seems like there’s always something going on with the Pac-12 and Scott that makes you want to shake your head. I know I’ve been vocal in my displeasure for the Pac-12 and Scott in the past, and I know many of our readers share that same sentiment as well.

Whether it’s the fact that Scott and the Pac-12 have to have their headquarters in the expensive, San Francisco downtown, Scott being the highest paid commissioner in college athletics, the poor revenue share for its member schools, etc. The mismanagement is duly noted!

Well as if we didn’t need anymore bad news, it appears Scott’s “temporary pay cut” is over, as the Pac-12 commissioner will bump his monthly salary back up to $441,667, instead of the “modest” $353,334 monthly salary.

Talk about being tone deaf… In a time where you are seeing schools cut athletic programs, this certainly hits home as an Arizona fan. Because again we highlighted how not having a football season this year could impact Arizona Athletics in a significant and substantial way!

Already the department is reeling, having faced major deficits this year, and the fact the conference already has a poor revenue share compared to other Power Five conferences is concerning. The fact Scott continues to over-inflate his salary, and reinstates his full salary during this time is not only irresponsible, but it’s incredibly narcissistic.

The conference needs better leadership, and ALL member schools need to start holding Scott more accountable. After all, we deserve it!



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