Braccia family donates $1.5 million to Arizona Athletics

With the University of Arizona and the Arizona Athletics department feeling the pinch during the Covid crisis, luckily the Braccia family has stepped up giving $1.5 million.

It’s been a rough few months for Arizona Athletics, especially as the department has seen some significant financial woes due to Covid. Fortunately for us, the Braccia family has been gracious enough to help out our Wildcats.

To reiterate, we’re all too aware by now that Arizona Covid has had large and significant impact in many ways. The NCAA Tournament was cancelled, which certainly affected Arizona Men’s and Women’s Basketball programs.

Additionally, the football team could be in jeopardy as well in my opinion, and with the athletic department running a $7.5 million shortfall this year, there are plenty of concerns moving forward.

Luckily for us, a generous, yet concerned family from the Bay Area in Northern California felt compelled enough to donate $1.5 million. As Andrew and Kirsten Braccia are both graduates of the University, naturally, the both of them are very invested and concerned in what the school does!

The news of the sizable donation made the rounds last week, and according to the University of Arizona, the Braccia’s have a lot of confidence in not only Arizona President, Dr. Robert C. Robbins, but overall the schools’ “plan to reopen campus in the fall using a “test, trace and treat” strategy.”

However, one thing worth noting is how the money will be used. According to the school, “$200,000 of the donation will be used for Covid Testing, Research and Re-entry Fund.”

“$1 million, will be used by the College of Nursing to enhance simulation facilities at the Tucson, Phoenix and Gilbert campuses… and the remaining $300,000 of the Braccias’ gift goes to Arizona Athletics, where it will be used to fund scholarships for “super seniors,” the student-athletes who were granted another season of eligibility after being unable to compete this spring.”

That’s incredibly generous, especially as Covid has impacted so many, and the gift will surely go a long ways for the Wildcats! We are lucky to have the Braccia’s on our side!


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