Pundits like Dick Vitale need to stop predicting the fate of Arizona Basketball

With many pundits like Dick Vitale having made some rather bold predictions regarding Arizona Basketball, it is time for them to stop predicting their fate.

Another week has passed, and once again the Arizona Basketball team has not received any notice of allegations like College Basketball pundit Dick Vitale has predicted over and over again.

If you may recall, Vitale was recently on the podcast called ‘1 Star Recruits’, where he spoke at length. While covering numerous basketball topics, the one that caught our attention was in regards to Arizona Basketball and their status with the NCAA.

If you can remember, Vitale said he had it on good authority that Arizona will be receiving Level One sanctions in the next 2-3 weeks. Well, as you can imagine, those 2-3 weeks have come and gone, and there are still are no sanctions that have been revealed at this time.

Now look, this isn’t to mock Vitale by any means or to say he’s completely wrong in his assertion, because again I have been consistent in saying that I think Arizona Basketball does get punished, it is going to be a matter of time.

However, it it has always been a question of when and how severe.

Regardless, what my issue is, and has been is the consistent slander from Dick Vitale and the media, bringing constant doom and gloom.

Look, whatever happens will happen, but the constant negativity and slander in the media is not only bad look on us, but it’s an even worse look on them. Especially when it has seemingly been numerous failed predictions, half-hearted truths and the spread of misinformation.

My advice to Dickie V would be to stop with the slander, stop with the predictions, just focus on basketball and that’s it, his predictions have not come true.

At Zona Zealots, I am hoping that we can get this over with soon and hope that the media quits slandering Arizona Basketball at every opportune moment. As always, Bear Down, Arizona!