Strength Coach Brian Johnson is keeping Arizona Football ready

It has been a bizarre off-season so far, but as Arizona Football awaits their fate for 2020-21, Strength Coach Brian Johnson is keeping the Wildcats ready.

What is the new normal? Well, whatever it is, in a year that has devastated virtually every facet of our lives, including Arizona Football and college athletics, Strength & Conditioning Coach Brian Johnson and the Wildcats are surely adapting to it.

Look, it hasn’t been easy to watch Arizona Football these last two years, and who knows what’s in store for the Wildcats and the rest of 2020. However, if there is a silver lining to everything that has transgressed these past few months has been the way Arizona has responded and prepared.

If you have been paying attention, it is that the University of Arizona has done a tremendous job in responding to the Covid pandemic. From their testing protocols and procedures, to how they have prepared for a football season that ended up getting postponed, Kevin Sumlin and the Cats deserve a ton of credit.

However, at the forefront of the Wildcats’ success, this off-season has been the work of coach Johnson who has largely gone unnoticed.

The strength and conditioning coach who came to Tucson over two-and-a-half years ago has had a tremendous impact on the program. From the way he has helped develop players to now preparing guys to stay ready for the start of football… whenever that is.

As you may recall, Johnson teamed up with Football Scoop a few months ago and broke down how he was approaching to train players amid the pandemic, and in his interview, he had some great tips!

  • He adapted his workouts for his players before returning to campus, who may not have had the same resources as others to workout.
  • He made expectations for players as they transitioned back to campus, ensuring they were on track, conditioning-wise.
  • And lastly, how to get the most out of training despite the quarantine.

Since returning to campus, he has even adapted quite well as he has gotten his players to train while practicing social distancing as well.

Need further proof that the Wildcats have a good one in coach Johnson? Just take a listen to when he was mic’d up last week!

At Zona Zealots, we are very lucky to have coach Johnson and are thankful he here is in Tucson! As always, Bear Down, Arizona!

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