The Shane’s will give Arizona Basketball versatility

With the Arizona Basketball team having three commitments for 2021 thus far, the addition of the Shane’s will give the Wildcats versatility.

Sean Miller and Arizona Basketball are off to a hot start on the recruiting trail for 2021, especially as the Wildcats are now up to three commitments in the class thus far.

With Arizona adding Shane x2 yesterday afternoon, the Wildcats’ class is now up to No. 17 in the country, and ironically, with the addition of Nowell, Arizona now has three shooting guards in the class.

Kind of unique, considering Miller likes to bring in a lot of size and runs more of a traditional two guards, two forwards, and a “seven-foot” big man-type of a line-up.

Also, it is more intriguing when you consider that the Wildcats have maybe just one or two players on the team currently who even have the potential to “leave early”.

So with the additions of Shane NowellShane Dezonie, and K.J. Simpson, perhaps it is an indication that Miller is looking to move to a smaller line-up.

Already, you are seeing it catch like wildfire in the NBA, where teams are using less traditional bigs, and are using more versatile line-ups that are athletic.

This is just my personal opinion, but I think you are seeing it finally start to catch on in College, and could even see it become more of a trend. Look no further than ASU likely using a lot of smaller line-ups this coming season.

So with the addition of the Shane’s, perhaps look for Arizona to trend more towards using those smaller and more versatile line-ups.

With the Shane’s and K.J., Miller has seemingly brought in three guys that will likely be here multiple years, are good athletes that can play multiple positions, and more importantly, are plus defenders. Meaning, these guys are good defensive-minded basketball players who excel on that side of the ball.

To me, that is the recipe for success for Sean. He has had his best success at Arizona when he’s had a roster comprised primarily of versatile guys who are not “One-and-Done’s”, are good defenders, and are good athletes that provide versatility.

Perhaps Sean is finally getting back to what made him successful in the first place. At Zona Zealots, we’re excited to see how this team continues to shape up and as always, Bear Down, Arizona!