No, Arizona Basketball doesn’t need to hire an alum

As Arizona Basketball looks for a head coach for the first time in 12 years, that doesn’t mean that the Wildcats need to hire an alumnus.

Well, it is pure insanity folks, Arizona Basketball parted ways with Sean Miller and now everyone is in a bit of frenzy as the school quickly searches for a replacement for 2021-22 and beyond.

Already you are seeing plenty of names being suggested, many of which are former alumni, and given Adia Barnes’ success with the Women’s program, as well as Juwann Howard’s at Michigan, it is a trend you are seeing in various recent coaching searches (i.e. – North Carolina).

Given Arizona’s rich basketball history and the fact, numerous alumni are now in the coaching ranks, the suggestions are understandable. However, here comes a harsh truth that some won’t want to hear… outside of maybe Steve Kerr, Arizona’s options aren’t particularly great.

Look, this isn’t a diss to Damon Stoudamire, Jason Terry, Miles Simon, or virtually anyone else mentioned, while some have coaching experience, however, none are proven COACHING winners (yet). To me, the risk is too great for Arizona to just wing it and hire someone to figure out how to be a head coach as they progress in their career.

It is just that I am not a big fan of schools only hiring an alumnus. While sometimes it works, there have also been plenty of instances where it doesn’t, and I don’t like the fact of limiting a search pool when the University of Arizona can use its name and brand to potentially attract a big hire.

Plus, let’s say Arizona does hire an alumnus, and we learn that 3-4 years down the road it’s a disaster hire, would the fanbase sour on that individual because they are performing poorly? Or, would those same fans be more lenient, allowing their criticisms of the individual to be clouded because of their love and adoration for them?

Look, I don’t doubt their passion or commitment to the school, nor am I being close-minded to Arizona even hiring an alumni, I just think Arizona is too big of a program to just consider alumni only.