Arizona Football's Fifita, McMillan, Manu announce return for 2024 season

After an agonizing five days, Arizona fans waited to hear word about quarterback Noah Fifita's and wide receiver Tetairoa McMillan's plans for the 2024 season. During the home basketball game against UCLA on Saturday, Jan. 20, they announced their return for the 2024 season.
Arizona v Arizona State
Arizona v Arizona State / Christian Petersen/GettyImages
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Has anybody else announced a return?

This isn't even the first hype video to drop of the day. Seemingly pleased with
the apparent retention of safeties coach Chuck Cecil, free safety Gunner Maldonado, strong safety Dalton Johnson, and cornerback Treydan Stukes dropped a fanbase-rattling (in a good way) video on social media also interspersed with the now-famous "I'm not leavin'!" phrase.

The three leaders in the defensive backs room aren't the only ones who have gone public with a return. Incoming transfer defensive lineman Chubba Ma'ae already commented on the announcement in support, which bodes well for him sitting pat and still working with defensive line coach Ricky Hunley.

Alexander Doost, another incoming transfer lineman but on the offensive side of the ball, tweeted out a photo of him flying a University of Arizona flag and fully suited up in an Arizona football uniform. It appears he'll be staying too.

Fisch, meanwhile, is dealing with a roster that only has a handful of returning starters from the national championship and is in the process of trying to poach Jonah Coleman. Three things he won't get his hands on, though, are the players that made Arizona football so successful last season in Fifita, McMillan, and Manu.

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