Arizona Football running back outlook: What to expect from Speedy Luke, Quali Conley as feature backs

Arizona calls this one of the deepest position groups on the field, but it's really only a two-man race.
Oregon State v Arizona
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RB1a: Quali Conley

Quali Conley
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Conley has a near-ideal size profile for an every-down back at the collegiate level, standing at a reasonable 5-foot-10 and a robust 207 pounds. He doesn't excel in any one area in particular, but he's an extremely well-rounded back who can fill whatever role he needs to on a play.

Last season was a surprisingly effective year for Conley, where he racked up 1,091 yards from scrimmage (842 rush, 249 receiving) and nine touchdowns despite being the backup to the best rusher in the Mountain West last year in Kairee Robinson.

He can run the ball straight up the gut, bounce it to the outside, and run routes out in the flat while being stocky enough to reliably shed arm-tackles and shake off the first defender that finds him. He doesn't have top-end speed, but he won't need it. Conley will be the "Thunder" to Luke's "Lightning".

RB1b: Speedy Luke

Rayshon Luke
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Luke is significantly smaller than Conley, clocking in at 5-foot-9 and just 175 pounds — a full 32 pounds lighter than his backfield mate. Luke has only rushed for 258 yards in his two-year collegiate career. However, his most impressive attribute is so pervasive it became his name: his speed.

Luke's only touchdown over two years was an explosive romp to the end zone from 40 yards out against Washington State to open the second quarter, and he nearly cashed in on a massive catch-and-run that would've been a 77-yard touchdown had a UCLA defender not grabbed him at the last possible moment.

Luke is the change-of-pace back that coaches salivate at the thought of having. He's got wheels whether moving in a straight line or using some jump cuts to get the best angles, and he has hands soft enough to function as a scatback when needed.